Claudia Petschull (en)

Hundeführer mit Hund bei Nacht

Claudia has been working with dogs and their people for almost 30 years now. In various fields of dog work she has gained experience not least from her own work: IPO Sport, tracking dogs, rescue dogs (rubble, area and avalanche search), explosive detection dogs and herding dogs.

An enormous wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge, years of hands-on experience in teaching humans and their dogs as well as her qualifications in the field of security industry are a real bonanza for her customers and students.

Since her way has led her into into the private security industry, Claudia keeps struggling for quality in the branch of trade, and for a “networking of the righteous”.

Claudia divides her off duty-time between her human family and her dogs.

Claudia’s qualifications in the Security industry and in Security and search dog training:

  • IHK-GSSK (Geprüfte Schutz- und Sicherheitskraft)
  • IHK-DHF (IHK-Diensthundeführer)
  • DHF-Ausbilder BG HAS1 und HAS2
  • Übungsleiterlizenz (SV und VDH)
  • Genehmigung nach § 7 SprengG (zum Besitz von Explosivstoffen zur Spürhundeausbildung)
  • Lehrgang USBV (Sprengschule Dresden)
  • Bewachungserlaubnis seit 2009
  • SSH-Prüfung des NBvdD (Netherlands)
Claudia Petschull with a customer in training