Security dogs

Many passionate dog handlers made their way into the Private Security business coming from classical dog sports.

In any case, enjoying dog sport with ones four legged companion is an excellent foundation for a handler-dog-team to learn to collaborate.

For professional service dogs in the security business, however, the sportive training alone is not sufficient.

Essential is a thorough training for impeccable behavior, stress tolerance in everyday situations, but also for a resolute defence readiness of his master and colleagues, which has nothing to do with the usual training field bite work.

Unlike the sport dog whose protection work is mainly based on what sporting people call “prey drive” and whose attacks are aimed exclusively at the clearly visible protective sleeve of the helper, working a “real” protection dog requires a great seriousness to begin with.

Not fully mastering this craft means making the dog either ineffective – or a transform him into a loose cannon!

The dog learns to swiftly react to certain key stimuli by switching into a hostile mood and to defend his human colleagues resolutely in all situations.
Of course he has to change back into neutral behaviour on command, a key prerequisite of a usable service dog.

A habituation to visible protective clothing as a trigger for guarding behavior does not take place, neither does a service dog ever get trained to get accustomed to potentially self-endangering behaviors, such as being indifferent to being threatened with a stick or club, like a sport dog does.

Such an “high-end” training is an ideal, feasible only in combination with a strong dog with stable temperament being under all-time perfect control from his security officer, whose character in turn has to be sound, reliable and full of integrity.

Furthermore, there’s no point denying that not every dog ​​is suitable or this kind of work.

What does that mean?

It means that we sincerely dedicate as much instructive and professional care to any dog/handler team, even if they seem to be not so ideally suitable. For us, it is important to make the most of existing resources, to promote and support every team according to their needs and possibilities.

It’s easy to turn up one’s nose. Our goal is to make things better.

… by the way: 

We abhor “loaner”-dogs; working with severals handlers, as it is sadly not unusual in Germany.

We abhor kennel compounds in the middle of nowhere, where dogs are kept without human contact.