Our services

Our services in the field of K9 Security:

  • Professional assistance in picking and purchasing a suitable dog, be it for a guarding / protection career or for a career as an EDD
  • Puppy and juvenile education as well as training of the future security dog team up to the highest possible levels for every one team
  • Early imprinting both on environmental stimuli and target scents in case of a future EDD
  • Adjustments of prior unsuitable training, instructions how to safely handle problematic service dogs
  • Ongoing high-end training for security dog teams and EDD teams
  • Regular assessments for security dog teams according to the German DGUV-V.34 §§ 12-17
  • Annual external certifications of EDD-teams according to official Police standards with German Police instructors

At particularly difficult locations we offer professional and discreet on-the-job training for our client’s service dog teams, after having ensured the sensitive start-up phase with our own teams.

The service can then be continued by our clients own forces, seamlessly and without loss of quality.

Interested in what we offer for pet dogs (which includes dog sports, too)? Take a look at our German Website  “Hundeschule am Feldberg”.

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