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Operational Teams

Claudia mit Matze beim Training

You need an operational team – now?

Here we go!

We can provide 3 verified deployable Schutzhund-Teams, on short notice.
Should you need even more teams, we will help you. As active and confident networkers we cooperate with colleagues from all over Germany, and we support each other when needed.

The human parts of the teams have all necessary and many desirable qualifications (minimum “Sachkundeprüfung according § 34a GewO), Diensthundeführer Industrie (IHK), good schooling and general education, excellent communication skills, best manners, humour and resilience, often multilingual, always fluent in spoken and written German.

The four-legged team partners are certified protection dogs according to the German DGUV § 23 or Diensthunde Industrie (IHK), some have IPO sport dog tests. All our dogs work reliably with and without a muzzle.

In the field of EDD we can offer you three operational teams.

All EDD teams undergo an annual deployment readiness test, which is the same test the German police EDDs have to pass, and it is carried out and approved by an experienced police officer and dog trainer (EDD).

In addition, we train our dogs on a variety of pyrotechnic articles which they have learned to detect indoors as well as outdoors. For searching on people, e.g. in access control systems, certain logistical and spatial conditions must be present.

Depending on your requirements, we are happy to advise you which of our four-legged specialists is most suitable for your needs. Most importantly: those who cooperate with us strive to achieve something extraordinary.

Don’t hesitate to make high demands on us. We do so, too.